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Did you know that water plays a vital role in supporting healthy weight loss? Unlike fat, our bodies can't store water, so it's necessary to replenish yourself continuously throughout the day. Additionally, staying hydrated speeds up metabolism, facilitates the removal of toxins from your body and can help prevent overeating.

As we approach the warmer months, ensure you practice the habit of healthy hydration with these tips:

  • Monitor your water intake. Certain health conditions and lifestyles can determine how much water you need, so consult with your healthcare provider to determine the appropriate amount for you. As a baseline, we recommend drinking 64 ounces* of water per day.
  • Keep a water bottle close. The easiest way to remember to drink more water is to always keep a water bottle handy, in your car, at your desk, or when practicing the habit of healthy motion. Your water bottle is a visual queue to hydrate, and you are more likely to refill your bottle when it is empty. Need a new water bottle? Visit for a selection of different sizes and designs!
  • Drink water with every meal. Drinking water with your meals not only helps you stay hydrated but can also help improve your body's digestion. If you are hydrated, your body will produce sufficient saliva, which helps break down food into nutrients that your body can easily absorb.
  • Get water from veggies. Your food choices significantly contribute to hydration and account for roughly 20 percent of your daily fluid intake. Next time you hit the grocery store try iceberg lettuce, celery, or cucumbers – these options are high in water content. For perspective, the water composition of a cucumber is 96%, making it a great option to include in your Lean & Green Meals.

Proper hydration is as critical as healthy nutrition when working towards your health goals. Connect with me, your independent OPTAVIA Coach, to discuss other creative ways to stay hydrated.

*We recommend drinking 64 ounces of water each day. Talk with your healthcare provider prior to changing the amount of water you drink as it can affect levels of certain medications.

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Mother’s Day is approaching! Even though one day a year really is not enough to honor the most important people in your life, Mother’s Day is an excellent opportunity to express your gratitude to those who cared for you.

Here are some ideas to ensure you stay on Plan while enjoying the special day:

  • Have a Lean & Green brunch, lunch, or dinner. The key to a great day is a healthy and nutritious meal. Check out the OPTAVIA App for more than 200+ delicious Plan-approved Lean & Green recipe options to share with your friends and loved ones.
  • Host a lawn game. Spring is here and it is the perfect time to take advantage of the nice weather by getting outside for a game of croquet, corn hole, outdoor Jenga, or horseshoes. Split into teams and drum up some friendly rivalry. Make it a Mother’s Day tradition and pass the trophy to the winner each year.
  • Head to the Farmer’s Market. Visit a nearby Farmer’s Market and spend the morning picking produce, browsing artisanal products, or planning your Mother’s Day meal ahead. You’ll never know what you may stumble upon!
  • Have a movie day. Get the whole family together and pick out a few movies to watch throughout the day! Kick back, relax and enjoy the family time.

For more ways to celebrate, reach out to me, your independent OPTAVIA Coach or other moms in the OPTAVIA Community.

Yield: 1 serving

Per Serving: 1 Lean, 3 Green, 3 Condiments

Total Time: 25 minutes


5 oz. tempeh, sliced into ¼-inch pieces

¾ tsp light soy sauce

¼ tsp garlic powder

¼ tsp lemon juice

1 Roma tomato, thinly sliced

1/8 tsp salt

¼ cup chopped cilantro

4 large lettuce leaves, like green leaf or red leaf

Parchment paper


  1. Toss the sliced tempeh with the garlic powder, soy sauce and lemon juice in a bowl and allow to marinate for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Gently toss the tomato slices with the salt and cilantro; set aside.
  3. Preheat an air fryer to 400°F and air fry the tempeh for 8 minutes OR broil the tempeh slices on high for about 5 minutes in the oven (or toaster oven), making sure to flip frequently with tongs or a spatula.
  4. Optional: make a lettuce wrap with parchment paper or skip to step 5.
    1. Lay a square of parchment paper, slightly bigger than the size of the lettuce leaves (about 9x15 inches), down on an angle on a flat work surface.
    2. Layer 2 large lettuce leaves on top of one another.
    3. Place half of the tempeh slices, followed by the tomato slices, down the center of the lettuce leaves.
    4. Starting at the end closest to you, roll the lettuce over the filling, gently tucking it back as you roll, to form a tight cylinder.
    5. Continue to roll, tucking in the sides of the lettuce as you go, until you it is completely wrapped.
    6. Starting with corner closest to you, fold the parchment paper over the lettuce wrap, tucking it under and adjusting the paper to tightly fit around the wrap.
    7. Continue to roll the parchment paper, tucking in the sides as you go, until wrapping is complete.
    8. Use a piece of tape or a toothpick to keep the parchment in place when finished.
    9. Slice the lettuce wrap in half using a serrated knife if desired.
    10. Repeat with remaining ingredients.
  5. Layer two lettuce leaves and fill with half of the tempeh and tomato slices and repeat with remaining ingredients.

Nutrition Per Serving: 320 calories, 31g protein, 20g carbohydrate, 16g fat

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Better Habits, Better Life

Struggling through unhealthy habits for years, Hal built up the courage to admit he had an addiction to food. Having little to no success with countless dieting systems and suffering through side effects of diet medications, Hal decided he had a lot to live for and as a result, he took a bold approach toward healthy living.

As a desperate last step, Hal considered and consulted with physicians on the option of bariatric surgery. However, weighing the risks and using the lives of his two children as his WHY, Hal decided not to proceed and remains thankful that he did.

“Word passed around my synagogue about a weight loss program that a few of my friends were having success with. Having gone through several programs, I was skeptical. However, after seeing the results of the OPTAVIA Program from my friends, I reached out to my friend and independent OPTAVIA Coach, Jill who was amazing.”

Hal describes his first interaction with his OPTAVIA Coach as easy and memorable. “She had a humorous approach to coaching that really helped. Hal was introduced to an OPTAVIA Plan that changed the way he looked at food. “It took food out of the ’reward’ zone. This was what I really needed.”

Hal began Plan in August 2022 and has experienced impressive results. “I’m not exaggerating when I say I feel lighter. Even walking up the stairs is easier.”

Hal’s appreciation for the results he’s been able to achieve with OPTAVIA and his Coach positions him well for his next journey as a Coach. “I never thought I would, but I’m confident that I can help others overcome their addictions to food. I can really make a difference to support the mission of Lifelong Transformation, One Healthy Habit at a Time.

*Average weight loss on the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan® is 12 pounds. Clients are in weight loss, on average, for 12 weeks.


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